A rare sighting of senior game design students outside the game lab #whatisthisthingyoucallsun


Sigur Rós cover The Rains of Castamere for Season 4 of HBO’s Game Of Thrones

And so he spoke, and so he spoke,
that Lord of Castamere,
But now the rains weep o’er his hall,
with no one there to hear.
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall,
and not a soul to hear.

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How @lindseycstoll and I feel about King Joffrey.
Game of Thrones will miss hating you ‘Joff 👑👱💍🍷🍰💀👋💜#purpledrawingforpurplewedding #fucktheking

Cat, how are you so tired? You did nothing but sleep today 💤 #suchjealous


If you didn’t pay attention to Varys during the Purple Wedding you seriously missed out

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Michael: Has anyone in this family ever even seen a chicken?

For British Eyes Only - 3x02

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I dedicate this lamprey to the couple from last night who ate each other’s faces in the middle of the room until Victor told them to go outside #suctioncups

Sister and sister-doge @lindsager #siblingdayorwhateveridontevenknow

We know who you are, we’ve heard all about you, but hearing is one thing.

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Stark sisters are ready for Game of Thrones… If HBO Go ever buffers 😭 #thenorthremembers @lindseycstoll

Little sicky zombies spending their Saturday dead in bed 😷💀

Once upon a time, we were pole vault princesses 💜👭👑 @nicolles #tbt #suchblondemuchbangswow

How I currently feel about the UCSC strike right about now… #likethatscoolandallbutikindaneedtograduate

"When I was younger it really sucked, because I think a lot of the other characters were fan favourites. When you’re 13 and you don’t really understand the business and your best friend is getting a lot of love and you’re getting a lot of hate… well, it was difficult. I don’t know, I just kind of make Sansa my own, and I hope people understand her. That’s what I want – I want understanding rather than whether they like her or they hate her." — Sophie Turner for YOU Mag (2014) [x]

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